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Man alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality. Man alone can dream and make his dreams come true. Everyone of us are having his or her own Ideas, Dreams and Thoughts on Technology. Though Man having the great Idea many of his surrounding neighbours cut their Idea at root level itself. But whatever might be the thought, there would be huge invention behind it. The idea gives solution to many problems but still Many of us don't know how to accomplish the thought and how to make it into Reality, and thus the idea remains incomplete.

Here We come forward to take responsibility of your valuable idea to make into Reality. We take up your valuable Idea and requirement, and give you a plan of Procedure to make your idea happen into Reality.

Incredible Path is organised by the people like you, who believe that "Everything is Possible if you believe that it is possible." We are the experts in the field of Robotics, Mobile Applications, Embedded Solutions and Software Development. Our Plan of procedure "First Comes Thought; then organising of that thought into ideas and plans; then transforming the plans into Reality;" Hard work and determination is the magic that turns Dreams into Reality.
We are having Courage to make an Incredible Path for your thoughts to have life.

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About Us

Incredible Path is highly esteemed organization which stimulates skills and attitude and provides a platform to apply innovative thoughts to make them in to reality. We the team of Concise, we the team of Creative, we the team of Compelling are here to make things happen.

Incredible Path was formed on 28th November 2013. We are having a good experts in the field of Robotics, Mobile Applications, Embedded Solutions, and Software Development and we do our best to provide them the products and services they need at a competitive price.

As the service based industry, our emphasis is shifting from Innovation to Execution, the commercial demand for innovation is very clear - Plan the Work and then Work the Plan.

At Incredible Path we understand that Business Operations today demand extremely high operational productivity and administrative efficiency with quick turnaround times.

Why Incredible Path ?

• We believe service is more important than Product. We offer long term services for our products.
• We make here unimaginable innovative products in our Development Centers.
• Highly responsive.
• Projects are developed by skilled, trained, experienced and organized engineers.
• Have solid experience gained from diverse software development projects of various degrees of complexities and scopes.
• Our software development methodology is a complete mature step.
• On time delivery and affordable software application development.
• Cost competitive software development services.

our latest work

some projects we've worked on of late

Artificial Intelligent Home Assistant

This Robot is virtual Human Assistant which can help in Shopping things for Humans. The Robot is intelligently programmed and it can take Voice commands from User. The Robot answers to Human and also order things on-line for you. There is no need to fill any Forms or go for shopping malls instead robot will do work for you. Read More..

MyEdusmart School Application

This Application Specially for Tracking of School Bus, Interaction Between Parent, Teacher, Admin People through Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.
Read more..

Andro Humanoid

Andro Humanoid is a robot that can be virtually operated using our gestures. The Robot understands human gestures and repeat them accordingly. The robot is pre installed with some gestures that could recognise and help the humans.
Read More..

Military Robot

Military robot is android controlled Robot which can be operated wirelessly stream the live video of the robot. This robot can be used as spy in military and it has capability of climbing Rocks and also it has capability of carrying bomb.The bomb can be blasted wirelessly in required situations. The Robot also have capability of collecting 7 different sensor inputs like temperature, gas, pressure, proximity and this can also be used in Coal Mines radiation chambers and other places.

Lost Mobile

Lost Mobile is android application which is used to find stolen mobile phone.This application is capable of finding GPS Coordinates of Lost phone and also it can be able to take image without knowing to user.

Connecting Force

Connecting Force is a secure social networking application for Organisations. The people can chat to each other and Post Comments and images from Mobile phone. This application works on all platforms and it has three levels of security.



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happy clients

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WNS is a strategic partner for managing complex processes that directly impact the clients’ bottom-line. An end-to-end vertical approach to service delivery, technology-led BPM solutions and a client-centric client-partner approach enable us to deliver business value to many of the world’s leading companies. We are passionate about building an organization that is valued by our clients, employees, business partners, investors and the community at large. Our management team comprises accomplished professionals from leading global organizations. Each member brings deep business acumen and outsourcing domain expertise, which enables us to drive out performance in our clients' businesses.


Services Provided

Mobile Application Development

Mobile technologies is right now in a state of flux. The number of platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian, etc.) makes for greater churn in the market place and consequently creates constraints on what can be delivered to the end user. Thus, we would need to have detailed insight into your operating environment and requirements to identify the best fit solution for our user's needs.

At Incredible path you will receive maximum attention to your mobile application development project at each stage. Our established development processes and proven methodology ensure delivering out-of-the-box mobile applications exactly as per your requirements. Our Mobile Application Developers constantly polish up and improve their skills and competencies to allow our Customers to take full advantage of the latest mobile industry tendencies.
Read More..

Software Development

Incredible path is a leading Software Development Company with a strong engineering team to serve the industry in Software Product Development, Maintenance, Customization and Incubation. Our technological expertise, quality standards, creativity and efficiency are combined in our services to deliver maximum value to our customers. If you are looking for an effective software development company, your search ends here with us!

We offer complete cycle of customized software programming services that include offshore web development, product ideas, enhancement and support. At Incredible path, we employ a large pool of talented and eligible engineers who come from different backgrounds having well balanced knowledge of current demands.

Embedded System Designing

Incredible path is developing embedded and real time software for various domains including automotive, network, Telecom and wireless Communications. Incredible path has worked on many projects using most of the popular embedded system chips and operating systems.

Our strength in embedded systems software and skills in hardware design and development makes us ideal partner for product development and research and development. Incredible path is a group capable of handling the entire development cycle from concept to prototype and prototype to product and product to roll out and manufacturing.
Incredible path is leading electronic product design development and services company.


Incredible path conduct interdisciplinary research aimed at discovering the principles underlying the design of artificially intelligent robots. Our goal is to create robots that can perform the kinds of everyday tasks that come naturally to humans, but that are beyond the reach of current technology.
  Our research brings together ideas from motion and task planning, machine learning, reinforcement learning, and computer vision to synthesize robot systems that are capable of behaving intelligently across a wide range of problem domains. We are driven by the immense challenges faced by robots with imperfect sensors and incomplete knowledge of the world operating in unstructured environments.
  Our research addresses fundamental problems in designing more capable robots and controlling them to interact intelligently with people, the environment and each other. We also explore how increased capability and intelligence can enable new societal benefits through applications in homes, fields, oceans and outer space.

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